Hunting for the Health of It: Introduction


Jeff Pritzl on a crisp winter day with his dog

There are many motivations that drive us to hunt, but one common, although sometimes subconscious sensation, is that it satisfies us on so many levels: Socially, Physically, Emotionally, Career, Intellectually, Environmentally, and Spiritually. I first heard the term wellness 25 years ago. I was a student at UW-Stevens Point and received wellness training as a staff member of my residence hall. It’s no coincidence that Stevens Point is also home to The National Wellness Institute. My instructor should be proud. Although a quarter century later I can’t remember his name, the components of wellness are forever burned in my memory and provide the foundation for a nature-based wellness lifestyle. The acronym… SPECIES.

Welcome to my blog entitled “Hunting For The Health of It”. Over the next week, as we eagerly anticipate the coming gun deer season, I would like to lay out for your consideration the 7 components of wellness and the strong connection that hunting has to enhancing each of these components in your life. It’s my attempt to bring what is often a subconscious feeling to full mindful awareness.

The number one thing standing between you and more time outdoors, is most likely competition for your precious hours of daylight. If nothing else, let these posts arm you with justification when you are in need of it. Unfortunately I didn’t stay in school long enough to get a PhD, so you can’t call these doctor’s orders. But just maybe you can keep them as a manual of “go to” moves when you need to pull out that ace from your sleeve. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about how to get out of your responsibilities at home or work. I’m merely addressing your free time. How are you going to spend it? Hunting is good for you. It’s good for the community, the economy, and the landscapes you are connected to. Let’s talk about your social life tomorrow.

Live Wild, Live Well
Jeff Pritzl

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